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Cromwell CMS

It's time for everyone to make blazing-fast websites

Cromwell CMS is a next-gen e-commerce and blogging platform designed to work as fast as possible.

Easy to setup and maintain, includes:

Online store and blogging platform.

Manage your products, posts and other content with ease.

Powerful admin panel with themes and plugins.

Customize your theme, install plugins. WordPress-like user experience.

SEO optimized.

Modifiable meta tags for all content and custom pages. Auto-generated Sitemap.

Theme editor

Fully customize your Theme layout in drag-and-drop Theme editor.


Designed to be a better version of PHP web servers, it greatly outperforms backend of well known CMS.

Free and open source

Cromwell CMS with default themes and plugins will stay forever free of charge and open source.

Customizable statistics dashboard. System monitor.

Move and resize dashboard blocks. Monitor server load.

Modern block styled text editor.

Embed video links or upload images. Manage your media with file manager.

Advanced theme editor.

Drag and drop editor blocks. Add plugins, change content, styles and more.

Custom data types

Add custom fields or create new custom entities. Store any kind of data.

Good looking default themes

Fully featured free online store and blog out the box.

That and much more!